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If you are one of the many happy cannabis influencers who love and share our products with the world, or just a loyal connoisseur and wish to share our product with people you know, Alltec Labs would like to compensate you for your loyalty and efforts. Our affiliate program offers anywhere from 15%-20% commissions of the sales you generate. Best of all, we offer an easy to use system, with a fully researched, highly effective product line which has virtually no competition. So, what are you waiting for? You are only a few steps away from making money!

How does it work you ask? 
Its simple, once you sign up you will see a URL address in your dashboard. This URL address is unique just for you. You embed that URL into your Facebook, website, blog page, Instagram, Twitter, and emails. Once your friends click the link, its automatically tracking orders and credits the sale to you. Payouts are completed once a month through PayPal.


How do I know what percentage I receive? 

Your account will be set to a standard 15%. If you are generating more then 45 sales a month, you will automatically be bumped up to a 20% sales commission. If you are less then 45 sales per month, you will remain at 15%.


What are the rules, who qualifies to be an affiliate, and does it cost anything?

First, you do not have to deal with any product. Once orders are placed, our shipping department handles orders and ships the supplements directly to the purchaser. Second, everyone qualifies, and it does not cost any money. Just a minute of your time.

To sign up for our wholesale program please fill out the form below and start earning commissions now!


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