Alltec Labs mission is to inspire optimal health by delivering
science-based nutrition to those living the high life through a
combination of unique products.

Combining cutting-edge supplements and botanicals, medical professionals, research, and revolutionary innovation, we peruse a new level of human optimization by providing our customers with the highest quality, most powerful supplements that work.

Our Complex

With countless hours spent researching marijuana’s benefits, side effects, and neurological functions, we realized without a doubt, to optimize the health of cannabis patients and connoisseuers, we needed to develop the ultimate endocannabinoid complex. Utlizing organic chemist, bio chemist, formulators, and months of R&D, Alltec Labs created a premier ECS complex that has become the basis of all 420 series cannabis health products.

Our Formulas

Alltec Labs is dedicated to creating unique, cutting-edge health optimization formulas for the cannabis connoisseur. Our developing scientist’s have backgrounds in chemistry, natural botanicals, supplements, and formulation. Every ingredient’s intended purpose is studied and backed by clinical research.All products are manufactured in the USA under the guidelines of United States Pharmacopeia. (U.S.P), and Good Manufacturing Practices (G.M.P).

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